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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 9, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the morning everyone are live shot from san mateo bridge. for the south bay will bring back your forecast for you say skyes m out for this afternoon is sunny and warm and make sure hot for some locations, but in a of race. the 95 unconquered a hot-
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button oakland will be around 83 to their. morbid details of a folk forecast including five as the. >>erica: was followed kovacs against becker retired drive. fish was bound high with 37 in the flood we do have a crash blocking the left and lange. even past the scene of the crash for scenes of slow conditions. all the yellow shows a 85 m.p.h.. over at him until plaza we do have an excellent of the beverage. but some of the way to the toll plaza you got to have to wait about 1516 minutes to work your way to san
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francisco. >>: they're a big furor follow now the mayor of oakland involved in a car crash. the other driver of all says she saw men if kwan at the stoplight take all >>: i knocked and adore about 10 minutes ago and no one's answering and that is a little bit of time after s r her husband take cannot digest. he said he would not make any comments about this do not go way because this would be the third time she was caught on the
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fallout drive in. i have not sun thereof 536 plan issues go from one event to another and she had the green light. she says the of the car and a flawed and there was the speed with the driver of the of the car or witnesses they said the mayor ran in the red light issue on the fallen at the time possibly looking bad. with the first one on the scene of accident this will mequon had to say yesterday about the accident. i'm actually ok and as you can see she hit me and he
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says you're not a fall on this accident-but you're ok. her neighbor so in fact that if she was on the fallen at the time iraq sent it will release with their opinions safe. the story does have political ramifications. and this a course a story that kron 4 has been in front of from the
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beginning we're first to report that the mayor was not caught not once but twice the fleshy has been operating a vehicle while on the fall. seato's the issues of the mapping program for directions, but there's another fatah that shows the mayor with a fall to her ear was used calving. with a video of the accident on our website and that includes suites sent down from the mayor after that accident. declaring a revolution a house with allies on with guns opened fire on loss as if these officers killing two before killing themselves and a suicide attack. this have melo
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his suit is locked into assisi's feed said and sat the two police officers and then they fled to wal-mart with a sad to other people critically injuring them and then kill themselves. as for least closed-end the wife shot the house and and then turned the gun on herself what shotting this is a revolution. gas prices announcing the rebuting much will see how much shotting this is a revolution. gas prices announcing the rebuting much will see how much you're paying of the fall. when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting.
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" we're not checking in a hot spot let's look at the desert freeway. >>: the seven and adding gas prices are holding steady. if they get bejabbers here in the bay are still paying more than the average. at the moment be averages $3 as of 68¢ a gallon
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welcome a time now a 712 in heavy monday to everyone. we're watching the heat that the bid weather story today is extreme and then he says with talking highs of 100 degrees. with all those on alert as well. 10 the children now are well met quickly and fair for a variance 77 degrees 69 and livermore 66 in san jose least. we're live in the temperature is low rising very quickly. historian and nannies for the concord and livermore and laughter,
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retarding 100 if you live by the magenta. this is-is everything draft 88 in san jose landing in san jose and in the east bay, livermore has won 02 is hotter unpleasant and 99 degrees so all of us are well above average today. 83 for san francisco and 92 and apple. today is one more monday and tomorrow was to the changes. the veteran will
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continue to wednesday and tillotson little average above by the we can verify this day and that severe frets pleasant the villa lots of sun staff. >>: we will not to the and lenny's beta see how people are staying cool, so what is your strategy today allow the status least stay inside polyphony. if you're
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as good this summer's fighting here but it's a little too had to get out and doing it think. whichever from the bay is still quite right. traffic is flowing 21 minutes going into san francisco think there's no access to report on the cemetery
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ridge but around these hours traffic barcelona. legacy traffic study to back of areas of ringel on the screen and a zeroth attempt at that speeds are at 25 m.p.h.. elicit. the drive time renown is about 21 minutes for hercules to burkett. we are with a solid things down a southbound 680.
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the lad telling you that didn't have some type of ability to go back and get involved but they don't have to go back in the kit either. bloomberg record. to their prison obama will announce a new plants to cat monthly payments for federal still all the time
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for senate of the bar was discretionary income. and that will allow 5 million baht or bombers to effort to qualify for the program. he was once known as the million man without a face but this one it posted in shows that he has many faces possible disguises as a 73 year- old is on the run. a nationwide manhunt is on the way as there looking for he and his family who control most the company. and he's left but there has been fueled mainly students in dead or missing. choose a representative said in a
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statement he has no involvement of this company, but lawmakers show that he has clear evidence linking him to the coffin. is very clear he of the company appears sons. his aides say they do that no way he is. prosecutors say a few and are
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avoiding police. forensics teams combed through this parliament and the southwest of the country but no fingerprints of fun. officials are off-road or the half million dollars on information that will lead to use a rest. without this the investigation of embezzlement and and a number of other insiders. the jet there's been
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missing for three months as signifying information on. the new search for namby loss until next summer. tracy morgan is expected to stay in the hospital as he was critically injured in a crash to kill one person and critically injured two others. he suffered a broken leg and he has received surgery a wal-mart chug driver has been charged with the death the bottom he tried this word if the crash he ended up smashing into the back of tracy morris mercedes bus
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psst the officer had to physically turned the will for the driver to get her out of the line. the muncie everyone received a ticket for having for not having enough to vote on the call:. liz get an enemy addis which lanes least of the h street a ticket to switch
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lazulite especially when bhp isn't around some reason to live to the camera. a fan give red rolfe stock ended up as other important a tomorrow. it's a $500 fee to a cot and a car four-lane with one or two people. still ahead on the
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ground for morning moose oakland mayor jean claude-qwan . she has something nice to show that she is not at fault.
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willett and a sunny skies and if you're in the east bay this afternoon and make plans to beat the cubs is very at livermore is the canal one 01 really every time is 81 civets 20 degrees above normal san jose's 89 embezzler lot of a for the above-average san francisco is that a nice 77 degrees and the of 100 fare for one 0195 unconquered 83 in oakland 88 for friends and san jose and that forgiveness to the lower 90s. in
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the bay ridge until fuzzily of a stolen truck the good news is that is impacting the backup is not going to affect affect the medium-rare a nagging draft time is two minutes so you will not have to sit in and rebecca. a stalled vehicle it was ninth off 92 and is blocking the left lane agency traffic is definitely sluggish ordinance way of hayward. laughed off of lead gene klein. >>:
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mequon has not stepped the and we hope this to the story this morning which added interview with paris speaker the of the and he is a little bit angry they were following him and does it does not believe this should worry. cocotte the mayor last week on her follow and mequon clans this year at the green light and see it legally was supposed to be in the intersection night she was not other fallen of the time. the other witnesses there's no she ran the red light and hairnd sud
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distracted pyriform as soreness fears in the car would make and that can be a man and if a bill as a young passenger in the backseat what if he wouldn't wish you'd kill or cause damage to his body during whatever she was going. a lot of the neighbors drive and walking by shaken lakes because the follow the stores close. if this information is found issues on
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the farm law during iraq's dentsu she will receive a negative perception this year is above the law which will affect her reelection. she says she is javelins it's plain community events in another. and she sun lower fall into the investigators to prove she is not on the follow the time of the crash. the construction site on the corner of third and had some .
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you live in a two reasons of fire danger is the lack, you and see all is dry grasses ibm autolysis that an extremely dry year meaning it transferring and nominees who will have varying the word of the fire danger we are expecting temperatures to climb to two digits. there's not a lot of window here right now
7:37 am
if because a lot of one could really make conditions rough. ec level roads sapphires and equipment malfunction politics is one sport for a firmer trend is not secure part program, and he reacted to clear the drive version way for your house. this is spread the air base today that want to use gas mowers and a single spark could instead of
7:38 am
fire. until that this fender bender and forcing the have and at the airport a southwest get back into roads and blue airplane investigators on the ground in china see how this happened. and this is the report said the jet plane to plane was sitting there as the southwest aircraft back into.
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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the dozens of going to figure out why the fire danger is the look of a drive to allow here. we've had a very dry year i've loosely nederlander rain. the long hot . the triple digits temperatures over the weekend and today more the same or expectant mother high fire danger. this a sign that this has very high only one level below the extreme level. now obviously the second turned we talk about those defendable faces with todd road to do to prevent fires over the weekend cricket with conditions like this it doesn't take much to spark afire. >>: is still a role will functions very that's not secure
8:04 am
property is a spark in to the wind will cause the fire and see how fast the fire could spread. >>: just one level below the extreme level still at very high. there's very high levels of fire danger out here in the oakland hills. as far as despair of the air day there is one in effect today. usually spare their means that the wind is low and the conditions are very, on your right now. the temperatures 30 feel like they're approaching the upper '70's out in oakland hills. we expect to see the oakland fire department and everyone else out about a picture the other on call. today is not the data do the lot mowing the if it away until the conditions will off a little bit. >>: were talking about fire
8:05 am
danger will up the issue of the situation as deficits go this morning firefighters still looking out for the cause of early morning vase-as delays. -- blaze shortly after crews arrived peak there were calling and more help because the fire was outgoing. they maintained it data under control after a few minutes. >>: the mayor and oakland was evolved in the car crash with that team coverage this morning in an interview with mayor crumb input . --kwon , this and that they see in it mequon on the phone and the to a cause accident but the mayor has another story. >>: so far she has an answer the door or, were waiting for her, not to sit licking another interview with her she claims
8:06 am
that she was not on the phone. did she was on the phone will not only was she on the phone when she ran a red light. the neighbors are here very opinionated they would like to know if she was a fact on the phone. discuss the way their opinions when it comes to election time and they believe she'll remain the mayor of oakland. >>: she is going from one event to another she was not injured in neither was the other party there was a small town in the other car he was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. she managed to get out of the car to check on them buddies conditions place are still investigating whether not she was on the phone at the time and if she was there will be the third time in two weeks crime fort clark kerr while on the phone. --kron 4 . it's an issue
8:07 am
is not distracted even the issues driving a city on car at the time. we also raced over here as soon as we found out about the news. we got her on camera talking about the accident here's what she had to say. democrat are you ok. >>: i am ok am actually in a go take a bath their witnesses that said you are on the phone at the time of the crash. >>: can assure you this off- camera of show you my phone log. you said that you're not on the phone. >>: i was on the phone but i'm ok but you're ok she did not set ait's up to of this again is to
8:08 am
determine whether she was on the phone or not. i can tell you that she has a personal vehicle here so or open also talk to her when she leaves for work. >>: this issue was on the phone and the record that the police department to find out when that will make the official decision on who was at fault at this during this accident. >>: she's a dishes and a turnover phone records to police. we'll some evidence of that accident on a web site including the tweet us send out by the mayor. coming up world stanley roberts, for the mayor about the to photos that we saw her on her phone and the car earlier this week. >>: tracy martin was involved in a serious car crashed over the
8:09 am
weekend update you on this information and on the driver that caused this accident. >>: things are going on in mexico or initially that video coming up and just one moment.
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8:11 am
a bit sluggish hero in the creeks softball 680 is your heading into the san ramon valley will be delayed. a look at which 24 and looks like a better option. when i look again in the hot spots will have a full check of traffic will
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as the incumbent throw the country this storm process has tornadoes and parts a call real- as colorado over the weekend. the area got pummeled with pea
8:15 am
sized hail. southeast of san jose two tornadoes touched down in the town of clovis. no damage reported or no one was hurt. we have extreme weather to talk about with an update on both national and local forecast with any. >>: the extreme heat in just a minute we get basically that storms coming through the flames and nebraska. this is producing potential severe thunderstorms for these locations dropping a lot of weight range. rain , anoy without hundred + were looking at the sea breeze coming back but it won't be as warm. the cooling continues for the rest of the week. oakland 65 san jose 69 already livermore and the lower 76 some were warming
8:16 am
up pretty quickly out there. 97 clara 87 apollo also. fairfield is hitting one no one antioch and livermore heeding 195 and danville.100 articles they looks to be thursday it will be drive for the next seven days. >>: walnut creek road and have, terisa estacio talking about what's going on there. >>: or john the people on this early monday morning on how they plan to beat the heat. >>: so what's your strategy to beat the heat today? >>: i actually love the heat of fortune after go to my office and freeze in the air conditioning now much rather be here in the heat. >>: would you do yesterday
8:17 am
>>: i just answered enjoyed it swam set outside and just enjoy the weather. >>: which is step back to asia and the bahamas and nothing could been nicer than to come back to great whether i love every minute of it. >>: what did you do yesterday's >>: @ home project all the long rested inside were credit to the weather. >>: the to do and what the water as it was not cool >>: i did are watered myself to death. >>: and was conducted under commute erica's following are traffic out there. >>: were not dragging have spots will have any serious access to talk about but of course we do have our fair share of slow traffic. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it's not the worst of it or services the end of the backup drive time
8:18 am
right now it's about 16 minutes drive stems from the maze to san francisco. it be about 25 minutes typically for this time of mourning. we did have some early problems of the san mateo bridge rest of tracking the latest near at a stop here on the right-hand side of your screen. it looks like a surly and have to wait as you work your way out towards the one no one and 92. the golden gate bridge will let the train cars as you work your way out of marin county. debt * 25 minutes so not too bad for america least a berkeley down to the e sure freeway. we've been pretty slow of continental on the cree. k as we turn our tempters to this drive time is about 40 minutes
8:19 am
out of tracy and to the of my past. stop and go conditions approaching downtown livermore. >>: this just sent prosecutors other truckers aircraft that injured a, the morgan had a son for more than 24 hours wonder canadians died in that crash from the news jersey turnpike. >>: after comedienne tracey morgan is in critical condition after a deadly car crash on the new jersey turnpike over the weekend. they say that the rock star is a response the following the surgery sunday at the hospital in new jersey where he's been treated for broken ribs a broken nose and a broken leg. about 1:00 a.m. saturday morning he was driving the limo van after performing at a casino and delaware state police say that the vehicle was struck from behind by wal-mart tractor- trailer that fell to observe
8:20 am
slow-moving traffic. and flip them of vehicle on the side killing one and one person and injuring several others. i was upside down. morgan freeman and jenny mayor died in the crash. >>: police arrested 35 year-old kevin roper of wal-mart employee and driver of the tractor-trailer charging him with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by all. wal-mart ceo released a statement on the tragedy saying that they're profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved is determined that our truck caused the accident wal- mart will take full responsibility. on sunday tracy morris publicist look analysis recovery would be a long war.
8:21 am
>>: chief of staff is in the process right now testifying at what he was boss knew about bridge gate is alleged kickback plot the stock traffic on the george rask timber ridge last fall. the cyclical us and see what they're saying. >>: will restore the conversation of whenever cause a conversation but what i recall is some indicating that wasn't true. in that it was the crop, under directly. did the fact that this had not been raised in a press article raise your curiosity about your mission to
8:22 am
go see bridget kelly and ask her questions? >>: was raised in the article that there was some interaction between the two governors concerning the link closure and the governor indicates to me as soon as we interact done that that wasn't the case. at that point in time the governor said that it was a case is u.s. the governor now that we have this article governor is there anyone else, matatu >>: i don't think so did the governor suggests he'll then you talk to anyone else other members achillea the time i believe so. >>: i don't believe so. >>:
8:23 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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the sub the half-hour with the up data on whether an traffic with it more on the hot air will be in your neighborhood today.
8:30 am
>>: its columbia how one today not everyone is this to the triple digits but here's a live look at the golden gate bridge as a it's a there's no fault. ts and looking foro here f the east bay. triple digits and inland for the afternoon parking places like antioch and livermore. tonight clear skies could be a breezy evening and after midnight debris should back down. as for today's commit 100 and and and 95 in concord '80s and oakland '70s and san francisco. also on the power talking about 92 degrees. will talk more about the and how long it's last, >>: it's not too good here at the cemetery chair lookout slow traffic espy, is heavy it's
8:31 am
barely moving it is blocking one of the land closest to the virus. the drive time ran now is 24 minutes at 881 no one. the level closer look at bay area traffic coming up and about 10 minutes. >>: one of our developing stores this morning gene klein is involved in the car crashes on the phone says witnesses as she ran the red light. crime 4 as will tran is live out in front of america wants house or sh has different take , -- mayor jean kwon people think that this is a political story not just an accident because if it is turned out that she was on the phone for a third time and just one week a lot of people might
8:32 am
change their minds and with a vote for the reelection and she would like to remain the mayor of oakland. >>: is a video of this seen that happen sunday 530 in the evening shoes one from one event to the other. the oakland the place to permit will take a couple weeks with them to come back with the official results. this a this was not on the phone but if you talk to the other driver and the other witnesses at the scene they say that she had the red light she ran a red light and she was on the phone.
8:33 am
other via coach struck curve left rear tire. she said that she turn over phone to investigators to prove that she was not on the phone during the time of the crash. earlier this
8:34 am
week's seminar are riskier for the dead may air about to fauteuils that appeared to see her taxing. here's his report. >>: both of my cars have the automatic call feature. i try not to hold my cellphone because that's my, citicorp. --city car , does randall funnel has surfaced showing her with her cellphone, it was taken nicolay and oakland by this man will as not to be identified. i looked over and a single gene kwan on their cell phone sawgrass my phone and snapped a picture. i
8:35 am
got to let a different meetings and different events because the market so long and it's not easy and consciously to do things like that. it's up there or they call me at twice. no i'm not because they're still photos that show are holding the phone at broadway. then the other one was showing their holding your phone under a year by two different people. >>: people take pictures me all the time it was a good reminder thence we all need to be safe. i said that she is the mayor of a city and people look up to her for leadership. >>: i'm apologetic i do my best to try the me my commitments.
8:36 am
>>: as to which even a drive with their phone anymore. the nasa she had anything to say about the photos. >>: under turned not to and let's not forget that's against the law. >>: i wonder fame more photos and a pop-up. and the truce that this fall well the was behaving badly to because he was behind the wheel. >>: and oakland steelyards >>:stanley roberts . we also have the exclusive interview with the mayor just after the accident. still ahead here the giants for once again that they deserve that the best record in all baseball. and pears are
8:37 am
shocked to learn that dozens of children a fed dog treats during recess.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
any accidents but to let the tap on the price of getting to the san ramon valley there's better conditions if you're heading toward highly 24 turnoff into the tunnel. as a rough ride reynosa up on 680, not concord. i'll moron year traffic coming up just a bit. >>: shocked after school aides david dove and a dozen checks students ball treaty at recess. but reno said tom to paris from the school say and that those traits came from a local pet store. >>: i was upset that at lunch or suppose the trust and schools to take care of us. >>: the school superintendent said that 45 fourth graders were handed the dog treats. the aid
8:41 am
has been placed them leave now and was acting alone. no illness has been reported for meeting those doctors allowed parents want answers
8:42 am
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8:45 am
8:46 am
that a little fall by the golden gate bridge to concede that it's mainly clear. most of us are waking up to sunshine this morning a little but a fall about their specially to the coast. here's what's going on the heat is the big weather story for today. especially in land that is the highest rank today over 100 degrees possible. although miller as well. a high fire danger is on minds of many folks out there. temperatures are now or at 65 and san for cisco 69 the san jose. in an antioch the upper 70's.
8:47 am
temperatures of be in the 80s and 90s by lunchtime pushing coastal hundred for inland locations. here's a look richer for cassettes are looking at temperatures around a hundred degrees for inland locations. will cool things down to route the wednesday. the time now's a 47 here's eric with your traffic. >>: on an attractive san mateo bridge limousine much improvement over the last half- hour. because as bridges so long it takes awhile to back things up. that's a longer affecting the traffic lane that has been a rough ride drive time up to about 25 minutes between 81 no one. --880 and 01 , live to the goalie gapers soft on one no one. there's a little bit of fog up their traffic is will tough out their parent drive time
8:48 am
right now clocking in at 30 minutes of novado and to the city. out of the coyote valley and to san jose even stretching past mt. view and highway 84. this * are solidly over 25 mi. per hour. no. on 80 is problem free into cupertino were continuing to enjoy a speech over 50 m.p.h. and maulvi this morning. none of the top three finishers at the want 46 more months they had raised in both the kentucky derby and the previous days. >>: the told nbc's part that
8:49 am
both owners suspect either raise before money in the poll months the ball took the card way out. >>: i think that the heat of the conversation is with the press and everything sometimes you my guilt, and really think about what they're saying. three races in five weeks that takes a toll. and i think mr. coble and russ mad because the other bourses got a break for six weeks and refreshening from the last race. he says well as she won the ride on the triple crown she ran and all races just like the rest of us. >>: what the trainer and jockey have worked in golden gaper's, he was a less forced to win a triple crown 86 years ago. >>: the store got six and gave
8:50 am
up two homers. the record is 20 and save in 22 tries this season. the giants won 64 6-4 . at 42 wins and 22 losses in the season. >>: and the athletics rep another series in baltimore!. wil the
8:51 am
[bl ris]
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8:56 am
design know that later on this evening five players from texas 49 years will begin their aprons on and working for tips in san jose. go do this to our earn money, so if you wanna see 49 nursling a pizza there also is to be chances to get photos with these players and autographs. they're competing to also see who can raise the most for the make a wish foundation. that that happens pisa restaurant in san jose. starts at 545 and that it.ends at 8.
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when a triple digit heat coming this way. the gap blue skies up their losses sunshine it's gonna be hotter than normal today. here's a look of your forecasts of the high for today this is where we should be for this time gear the livermore forecast high of one no one the more your
9:01 am
chance to maybe set a new record setter rose up a high of 90. 7 cisco 10 degrees above average as high as 77 degrees. tempters and are warming up prickly pear 84 degrees are readying 79 in livermore. more talk more about the high as to where you live and let not the next seven days are shaping the. >>: was a rough ride in the south bay rainout this especially high let one no one in the northbound direction. we really don't catch a break working your way toward small villa even a little have major
9:02 am
accident we are seeing a pretty heavy a mile of traffic is a better ride free on northbound to 80 into and out of san jose. that looks like your arrival currently approved let you work your way up the peninsula. >>: in the minor stopped story we're live tv coverage care for you this morning including a personal interview with mayor kron. in the other drivers involved says that she was looking at her on the phone. this after corn for has >>: i keep looking at this over
9:03 am
my shoulders we were told by the husband is a short time ago that they are ready to go to work that he plans to divert and right now they're working on setting a time to work shall have a news conference. the son she turned the corner that this is not just an accident it could be a political future that or talking about because of the turns out that she was on the phone call she was, blowing through a red light this could be the third time issues driving distracted. they said that it was at he says she said version. she was not talking on the phone at the time witnesses say know that she ran the red light not only that she was on the phone to is looking down at the time she slammed into another car in the woman that found in a car to is not injured that she managed to get out and check on the conditions of everybody that was involved in the accident.
9:04 am
after the accident were sent to replace issues sector it exported by the police department after that. we caught up with her had an exclusive interview here's what she had to say about this accident. campea , ok if you look at my greatest initiate me. so apparently according to the husband will we saw little bit earlier this morning was little, potential he was so little agitated we knocked on the door about 10 minutes ago he said the search for making you get away any moment now i plan to drive my wife to city hall. i waited to
9:05 am
see when she comes out and also what time they will be a news conference. she even knows it is not the sex they hear a lot of people are talking about in a clear neighbors that if she is a fall in she was distracted it will make them very angry. >>: mayor, on treated now last night that she is in a turner cellphone over to the police to
9:06 am
prove that she was not on the phone during the accident. >>: another story were declaring a revolution a husband and wife, with a gun opened fire on loss vegas police officers killing two of them and then kill someone at wal-mart before they kill themselves and the apparent suicide pact. >>: it began sunday morning where they walked in the ccs pete's the shatt to officers that were eating lunch they then fled to the wal-mart across the street where they fatally shot a person inside and then killed themselves. a robust people started running toward back and that's when i started to look around. one of the shooters and yelled this is the revolution. but the motive of the shooting remains under investigation. >>:
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
traffic lights and light for the most part it does to a much a bit by the 680 interchange other than that is working perfect. >>: happening now people are
9:10 am
shocked that dairy case milk prices are going up in their respective go up even more now only the price of milk as self also if need milk things to make like cheese and yogurt and butter. raising and dairy prices are growing demand for milk in china.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
welcome back to the crime 4 money news now tracking any hot spots around the bay area--kron 4 . looks like traffic is moving sloops moseley in the fast-track claim just a minor way. but to drive time is under 14 minutes we've been dealing with some sluggish conditions for the san mateo bridge for the past two hours and had installed the 7:00 hour. traffic is recovering the bursa on the morning was the golden gate bridge with traffic prepare we also saw some delays item novado ride is a 37 but looks like it backed up to about 50 m.p.h..
9:14 am
still tracking slow him their stories in below 12 mi. per hour no relief as you work your way into my own view. and is situated deflate the better bet for the ride into another san jose. at 914 that was a look at the traffic on to the party have forecast. >>: 3 a fall the star here the golden gate bridge the fog as differing fell than over the last hour while we are seeing more sunshine elsewhere around the bay area. or watching as the heat and the temperatures that is the main weather story from the day today. it could approach under hundred degrees today i was alert as well. high fire danger is a claim for the humidity levels and the to have visitation. it's very shallow
9:15 am
with those clotted conditions for the central coast. most of us are waking up to a sunny skies today. all of us are pretty much above average the south bay is not seen triple digit heat well we are seen triple digits in heeding this afternoon at one no one. 101 won the. creek is hitting the upper 90s and haywood is hitting about 84. san for cisco 77 and san maand 84metao 84. it's cooling starting tomorrow and that this keeps going into thursday a little milder for the weekend just and time for father's day over the weekend. so glad a plan that golfing in
9:16 am
the seven things and activities as well.
9:17 am
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9:30 am
sizzling temperatures heading our way here's a look of your san francisco and peninsula forecast. it's gonna be as high here compared to the east bay fair world to hide in a sunny skies and temperatures basically talking now upper 70's at the coast. close to 90 degrees this afternoon tonight clear and partly cloudy. time shares are now are warming up the is a big story of the day today. 85 also fairfield 79 and livermore. reading as quickly knowledge to know how long the hot weather last before some much cooler air comes back to the forecast area.
9:31 am
looks at the camera is timing out but it looks like jack kemp is also improving the signal to the bay bridge toll plaza as empty if using fresh track this morning up full look at bay area traffic coming up and about 50 minutes. this happened at 26 market street will china's live right now at the mayor's house come away for her to come out this morning. >>: the mayor is having a news covers the 1030 this morning according to your husband she will to answer questions in the meantime they claim ever since this happened yesterday that she was not on the phone at the time and that she did not run a red light that she had the green light and was the other car that's planter and that car ran the red line record light. thise
9:32 am
issues that she looking down at the time of the accident that's the case then that will be the third time in one week that she was driving distracted. kron 4 sasiid they caught her driving with her cell phone. there's no way you are light and you also get the light is turned red and lecher looking at something else other than the road. what shooting killed him when shooting killed the young passenger in the back seat. what
9:33 am
if? believe that she believes the issues above the law " we already come furniture. the answer which to do that again and then she said no kid does promise to turn our phone records. --over her phone records. chase and then she's turning over phone two investigators to prove that she was not under phone at the time of the crash. >>: the extreme heat around the
9:34 am
bay area's special the inland spots in the real concern about fire danger after a very dry winter. wherever more on the in the fire danger. >>: we realize on the fire danger is so high normally the temperatures-released starting despite out here. look gaullist fuel the south neaats out here l grass and dry heat. this is a very high it's , and it's almost one steps closer to of very dangerous. a " sequester spark a
9:35 am
fire on a day like today. we did have a test of dr. kaul fire earlier this week and a necktie to abolish it takes to spark a fire on days like this. >>: to see a lot more rosette fires somebody with the train did it dragging, its crazy h ow fast a fire can spreda imus in the oakland fire
9:36 am
department and other agencies around the bay area are gonna be on high alert today. >>: not sponsor china fight a way to beat the heat. >>: were talking to people about their plans and strategies were try to figure out how to beat the heat. what is your strategy today. >>: of is the state inside away from the as your getting your coffee early, and they planted just get back inside. i switched dynasty in a couple hours probably forget the hundreds a day. >>: what digital yesterday >>: send think it's fun and they still have some more mother. it's really too loud to get out and do much actually love the of course have to go to my office a freeze in their condition are ratch mother beat in the heat.
9:37 am
,, much rather . the mother of the team this summer when the flight to hawaii said that she's getting death threats. she said that she left the appeal because of the threats. since then the mother said that she released sees threats from callers and his ex husband's relatives. the teens' father has not responded to the allegations. >>: the look for man that rob the 7-eleven that was brought that-armed with a ratchet. agassi has a white t-shirt and a towel on its heathery happened just after 11:00 last night a robber with a hatchet and got away with an unknown around the mall of money. amount. coming
9:38 am
out actually the california patrol pull them over.
9:39 am
9:40 am
all across america, people a using lysol in hundreds of way what's christine's story? i started using lyso disinfectant spray, gosh, as long as i can remember. i use lysol on soft surfaces because you can't put your
9:41 am
couch in the washing machine. i think that lysol disinfectant spray compares to other products in that it actually kills the germs. which helps keep my family healthy. it's tried and true. i mean all you have to do is just spray. it does the job for you. lysol - hundreds of ways to he protect your family. bifurcating that the. >>: the server is getting pulled over for on rap and hayward much as seven a bit of a problem the officer had to quickly turn the wheel to get ride of the land. i met with the hayward officer or everyone that you're about to see what was issued tickets being the sole past passenger in
9:42 am
the carpool lane. the faa currently is player kir of e only if i'm with them and only formulate then there was this kind of switch lance when he seen them. --lanes, i take it to the slot and not often. >>: the dell latitude camera right--you dont have to lie to the camera.
9:43 am
i usually have my kids in the car i can sing but see why they would use this carpool lane and there's only one person in the car they keep rolling through and getting caught. i caught be even badly, i draw like is i see that i was in trouble parenle.'s what she had the same >>: the dow finished its until 9. in a word kron 4 news.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
more now on oakland mayor, that
9:47 am
driver claimed that mayor qualm was on the phone this along with the two other accidenttimes. tho this latest incident can affect the camp pain. >>: is is to adapt the but care is a standard go away energy think this is drop the ball. >>: i think that she's actually ran the to family office why he was videotaping aerophone this is not a good thing. this conflicting testimony is the effect of the matter that somebody can claim that this is a pattern and practice by the mayor. she's decided that she is above the law being arrogant.
9:48 am
sluggish to do anything desperately right now that she can make this better. depending on the size of the city in the budget in given the geographic area that oakland covers health it is unreasonable. this is something that she shouldn't done earlier on to her administrations. in separate cisco for example as traditional that the mayor drives around in her car. risible for the mayor of oakland have that as well. they have more first-place votes than mayor quandary what your
9:49 am
feeling on a ranch days of voting. >>: i think rachel is voting doesn't really give him a full picture of political could be like. i think it's just a snapshot of primary or there's many voices to be heard. i think for mequon she's not really happy about ranchette choice of voting. according to the police report, and of love she was at fault or not at fault or she of fault or wash enough out what happens if i know that she was on the phone during accident.
9:50 am
she cannot deny the issues on the phone if there's evidence that she was a will be extremely bad for. when you open up the genie of asking for the records you can bet the others could be some interpreters on notes. the delicate those records and see whether in nine, she made phone calls during times a they know she was on the road that may not help her and then having these records released at all. they say that was in on the phone during this accident i was on the phone during these other times. now she is expected >>: press conference the talk about this issue as city hall around 1030 this morning will be life under 247 bay area new channel. on debate whether areas and traffic reappoint
9:51 am
alive their san mateo camera uses see lots of blue skies out there and many minimum fob this morning. another hot day for today. we're talking 104 and locations and tomorrow will start to cool down as mother nature brings back air- conditioner to us. as the morning fog analogous sea breezes will sum up the next few days what cooler conditions temperatures are not it's heating up with 85 degrees in fairfield. all of 86 for livermore. r.d. 70 in downtown san for cisco. the air masses really warm out there here's your highs for today 80s and 90s for the south bay. 91 and lost cattle 88 for ride was city. as it that we can yellow record
9:52 am
highs today. concord record high 95 it's gonna be very hot first most locations in let one of fun summer to cool off. now apple getting up to 92 degrees here's your crime 47 they run the bank forecast. cooler tomorrow and all week. time now although traffic is still below. delayed on the right-hand side of the screen at drive times are about 50 minutes for 881 01. -- 880 and 101. as it
9:53 am
take a look at our traffic mess looks like we seen speeds below 25 mi. per hour. and looks like a minor pass on the way highway 24 at. >>: a lot of talk about what happened to a the is against baltimore this evening. let's a beggar on the search third baseline. the venture is clear your ball player you've been around the league a long time friday night you had tagged to harden. and then twice in the sixth inning today.
9:54 am
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to learn more, visit reminder on tuesday save our here today is gonna be high. it should be easing down a bit for the rest of the week. but were just 30 minutes away of the press conference for the mayor discussed in the cartel then allegations that she was on the phone in the kitchen on a 247 bay area new channels
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
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